SunshinePHP Conference - February 6th-8th, 2020

It's warm and sunny in Florida. Take a break from the cold to enjoy some sunshine, and talk about PHP!


Below is a full listing of the 3-hour in-depth SunshinePHP tutorials to be presented on February 6th the day prior to the official conference.

NOTE: In order to attend these 3-hour in-depth tutorials an additional ticket for the tutorial day must be purchased from the Registration page.

BDD API Tests with Gherkin and Behat

Mark Niebergall

_Given_ the prominence of API-first development _when_ developing web applications, projects _then_ need to be tested beyond unit and functional tests. Authoring tests using the Gherkin with Behat provides a way to achieve BDD with APIs. We'll dive right into writing Gherkin, how to create your own test scenarios in Gherkin, and how to hook those tests up with custom PHP test methods. See tests in action with live coding and live demos, including writing new custom tests. Leave excited to produce fully-tested APIs!

Evolution of PHP Security

Eric Mann

Regardless of reports to the contrary, PHP is a modern, scalable, secure programming language suitable for any number of applications. As with any other language or tool, PHP can only be used securely if the developers using it wield their tools safely. This training class will walk through best practices in: * Password management (including hashing) * Credentials management (API keys) * Data encryption (both local and remote) * Data integrity (i.e., signing and authentication) * Server hardening Attendees will leave with a better understanding of PHP and how to use it in secure applications. Attendees should have an operable PHP environment before arriving. They will be given a code repo to use during the training class which will demonstrate the principles being discussed and allows them to practice from-scratch implementations in code.

Getting to Grips with Git

Pauline Vos

In this tutorial we'll get hands on with atomic commits and all they have to offer. We'll be learning how to keep our history clean, how to navigate time and space, and how to correct mistakes we thought were permanent. Key things we'll be tackling during this tutorial include, but are not limited to, interactive rebase, reflog, and running bisect with regression tests.

Hands on Docker - Launch your own LEMP or LAMP stack

Dana Luther

In this tutorial we will go over setting up a standard LEMP stack for development use and learn how to modify it to mimic your production/pre-production environments as closely as possible. We will go over how to switch from Nginx to Apache, upgrade PHP versions and introduce additional storage engines such as Redis to the equation. We'll also step through how to run both unit and acceptance suites using headless Selenium images in the stack. Leave here fully confident in knowing that whatever environment you get thrown into, you can replicate it and work in it comfortably.

Powering Your API Development with OpenAPI Version 3

Daniel Abernathy

OpenAPI is more than just a documentation tool - even though it's great for that! As the tooling for OpenAPI version 3 has matured, there are now more opportunities to use OpenAPI to make your API development faster, easier, and more resilient. In this talk you'll learn how to use the OpenAPI spec and tools in the Open API ecosystem to power: - Mock servers to test your API before it exists - Integration tests to ensure that your API responses meet your specification - Validation logic - Documentation In this workshop we'll work together to build a simple API with documentation, testing, validation, and a simple front-end all powered by the spec.

Speaking for Speakers

Josh Holmes

In this speaker workshop, we will start with the basics of getting up and speaking. In each section from the introductions to the formal workshop at the end, there will be exercises involving the participants to help them be successful when applying the techniques. With advice ranging from how to project you voice properly to how to prepare for failure of your most critical demos and exercises ranging from how to breath properly to how to dodge nasty questions, there's something in here for anyone whether they have never given a talk or they are a seasoned professional speaker.